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Dancing With the Dead in Oaxaca City, Mexico

“You know, on dia de los muertos, we really believe the dead are sitting here with us.” Judith, a Oaxaca City native and cousin of Jon’s co-worker, told us over drinks in the hip, downtown restaurant of Los Danzantes. I took another sip of my cocktail and looked sideways across the courtyard where a group of fake skeletons had been…… Continue reading Dancing With the Dead in Oaxaca City, Mexico

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If Travel Destinations Were Lovers…

This is a post I’ve been contemplating for a few months. It’s still not perfect, so comments and critiques are greatly welcome. Have you ever tried thinking of the places you’ve traveled to the way you would think of an ex-lover? I spent an afternoon thinking of it once, and decided that if places were…… Continue reading If Travel Destinations Were Lovers…

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10 Destinations Worthy of A Traveler’s Bucket List

Daydreaming about travel is almost as fun as traveling for real. Seriously, there have been scientific studies on the topic. It’s also the driving force behind some wonderful blog posts and articles in the travel blogosphere. NY Times has a beautifully done article titled 52 Places to Go in 2014; Afar Magazine gives its readers travel…… Continue reading 10 Destinations Worthy of A Traveler’s Bucket List

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On the Roof of Africa: Trekking in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Four Days of Walking For the four days Liz and I trekked through the Simien Mountains, the smell of wild thyme followed us. The wind was full of strong gusts of the scent that reminded me of old, unidentifiable memories, as we hiked from one beautiful vista to the next, among wild baboons, birds, and…… Continue reading On the Roof of Africa: Trekking in Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

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Oh Hello, America. Long Time No See…

Last Tuesday, I was stepping off a flight from Tokyo and being welcomed back into America by the oh-so-cheery Dallas airport. I’m kidding. Dallas was a weird first sample of America after two and a half years abroad. It was just a little too AMERICA for me to handle after a 12-hour flight in which…… Continue reading Oh Hello, America. Long Time No See…

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Why I’m Thankful for Travel

Being Thanksgiving and all, the blogosphere is filled with recently posted, thoughtful pieces about thankfulness and the like. Among travel blogs, I’ve come across a few introspective posts on what travel makes us thankful for, and all the eye-opening bits and personal transformation that come with being an intrepid, nomadic soul. I enjoy them, and…… Continue reading Why I’m Thankful for Travel

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Landing Without A Plan in Kenya

Stepping off the airplane into Nairobi’s international airport felt surreal. Normally, I think of airports as these familiar, unchanging structures — which is ironic since they are buildings built for the purpose of transience and travel — that I can confidently navigate worldwide, no matter if I’ve never been there before or I have been…… Continue reading Landing Without A Plan in Kenya