What started as a travel blog, and spent a lot of time looking like a Peace Corps blog, now focuses on four of my biggest loves in life:

  • Bikes
  • Eats
  • Adventure
  • Travel

Get it? B.E.A.T? Yeah… that was totally unintentional ;D

The Human Behind the Blog

Oh hi, I’m Jessie, the human behind this blog. I am originally from Washington D.C. and have been traveling longer than I can remember. After finishing 2 years with the Peace Corps in Madagascar, I moved to San Francisco to work as the Content Director at Go Overseas.

Find Jessie Online…

E-mail: beatnomad@gmail.com
Twitter: @beatnomad
Instagram: @beatnomad
Facebook: facebook.com/beatnomad
You get the idea….

Where Have I Traveled?

I danced on the steps of the Louvre as a toddler, and explored castles along the Rhine as a kid.

In college, I chose the school with the most study abroad options I could find and promptly set off to live with a host family for a month in Dakar, then spend a year at the University of Malta (in, you guessed it, Malta) learning the ins and outs of life in the world’s 10th smallest country.

I didn’t stay home for long, instead taking a few months to teach English and rock climbing in Costa Rica, a year being a “real” 20-something in Seattle, and 26 months in the Peace Corps in Madagascar (hence, all the Madagascar love on this blog).

I won’t go on to list all of the places I’ve been — you’ll have to read the blog for that — but I’ve successfully visited 30 countries before 30, camped under the stars in the Sahara Desert, hung out with silverback gorillas in Uganda, rock climbed in Laos, and sampled Manta Ray jerky in Tokyo. I’ve biked, walked, bused, flown, and driven my way across this globe and there’s no sign of stopping yet!

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