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From Travel Writer to Editor Extraordinaire

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Dear Readers,

You may have noticed The Nomadic Beat looking a little empty recently. At least, I would be very flattered if you followed me enough to notice a thing like that. Thing is…

Life’s been keeping me pretty damn busy as of late.

After returning to the U.S. from Tokyo, I hunkered down at my parents’ house, launched my resume into the world, got a job, and moved out to Berkeley, California.

Since then, every day has been an adventure (especially in California) and I’m not lacking for content — I’ve got plenty of untold stories up my sleeve. I place the blame more on being the new Teach and Content Director at Go Overseas — a website which you may have noticed (again, I would be flattered if you did) that I have been writing for as a contributing editor for the past year.

Dolores ParkSo yup, you’ve read that right! I’ve moved up in the editorial world from writing the blog posts and articles that wanderlust wet dreams are made of, to orchestrating the whole operation. I am now the self proclaimed Queen of Content for Go Overseas, sourcing articles, managing our team of amazing writers, editing, coding, finding photos, and publishing all of our hard work on the Go Overseas blog for the public to read, love, and (ideally) share away!

I also manage all things teach for our Teach Abroad section, but that’s a huge project less easy to succinctly describe. Just know that big changes are stirring.

I love my new job, even if it means I’m doing more reading and editing than writing.

Even so, what I do makes it really hard to come home and stare at a computer screen again. It’s even harder to come home, turn on that computer, and motivate myself to muddle through HTML codes, photo edits, and web formatting. I’ve been able to maintain some rambling version of a journal (usually written an hour before going to bed and soon after drinking a glass or two of wine… so therefore: rambling), but my writing doesn’t seem to make it much further than these weird, nonsensical, attempts to document my life for future me to read.

Point is, I haven’t been keeping up with The Nomadic Beat but I have been gathering ideas for how to make this space better, and more importantly, exploring the San Francisco Bay area and gathering stories and photos to share here.

So please don’t think I’ve abandoned you, loyal followers! It may be a few weeks until I post again, hopefully with a bangin’ piece about the bay area, a past adventure, or something more general about living live to a nomadic beat, but in the meantime, you can find me on the Go Overseas blog, pulling the puppet strings and sending out great content about meaningful travel each and every day!

Ciao for now!


By Jessie Beck

SEO and content strategist with a passion for travel, bikes, and food.

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