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Hidden Gems: The Secret Beaches of Greece [Guest Post]

Happy November, guys! Here’s the latest from The Nomadic Beat written by one of our guest bloggers you will be hearing a bit more from in the coming months:

Everyone’s heard of the 10 best beaches in Greece, or the most visited islands every year, but who wants to go there when you can go to practically private, unspoilt, perfect stretches of sand that a regular tourist has never heard of. Here’s our mini guide to the best off the beaten track beaches in Greece:

1. Mavra Volia, Chios

Mavra Volia

Chios is the fifth biggest island in Greece and as well its beauty, it is an island with a fascinating history. A neighbor of Turkey, you can see a lot of influences there. It has plenty of beaches, but we chose Mavra Volia. The beach is actually four in one, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Each is covered with large black volcanic pebbles from a nearby inactive volcano. The water is dark blue, absolutely clean, crystal clear and fresh. Rejuvenation is what you feel when you swim there and a handful of tasty tavernas are filled with tasty fresh fish after a hard day sunbathing!

2. Piso Livadi, Paros

Piso Livadi

Paros is a well-known Cycladic Island with lots of famous beaches, but we know its secret! Piso Livadi, is a quiet resort with a couple of family hotels. The highlight here is that no one seems to know about it. Throw in crystal clear water, and incredibly clean surroundings and you’ve got a recipe for a fantastic beach to call your own.

3. Agiofilli, Lefkada


Agiofilli is one of the most beautiful beaches but least known of Lefkada. Located on the southeastern side of the island, it’s a short distance from from the charming village of Vasiliki, where you can hop in a taxi boat to discover the tranquil scenery, the turquoise waters and the golden sand  of this off the beaten track beach.

4. Chalikiada, Agistri


If you’re visiting Athens you’re in luck, because just a short boat ride away you’ll find a jewel of a beach on Agistri Island. Just an hour from Pireaus Port is a tiny, secluded cove. Surrounded by pine trees it’s still a favorite with hippies, who like to camp there in the summer months, but never gets too busy. This one has no organized facilities and it’s best to go on foot, so pack up your picnic gear and get going.

5. Karavostasi, Epirus


Epirus is not a well known destination for holidays, but its wild natural beauty and gorgeous stretch of sand make it a clever choice for an authentic Greek holiday and beach life. Karavostasi is a huge sandy beach with deep waters. Nearby there are lots of accommodation options and hotels and it’s close to Sivota town, where you will find bakeries filled with fresh pastries every morning (yumm!)

What do you think of these off-the-beaten-track Greek beaches? Which one are you ready to speed off to now?


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