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A Skipped Beat: Tuesday Travel Snapshot [Florida]

This week I’ve decided to finally start doing a weekly post featuring a forgotten or archived photo that, for whatever reason, never made it on to Beat Nomad before now. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile and I’m excited to at long last make the idea a reality. I’m also excited about the name (which my friend, Sally Bull, helped me come up with. Thanks Sally!) So, from now on you can expect a photo each Tuesday from past travels.

Today’s Photo

Florida Motel
This photo was taken around New Years, 2011 in St. Augustine, Florida, while I was visiting a friend I met traveling around Nicaragua. The deserted motel at sunset reminded me of a scene out of a mid-20th century novel where the characters were road-tripping along America’s open highways (On The Road, Lolita…). I loved the sense of Americana it evoked.

By Jessie Beck

SEO and content strategist with a passion for travel, bikes, and food.


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