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Local Lunchtime Discoveries in Ballard, Seattle: Java Bean

I seriously don’t talk about Seattle enough, but since moving here in October I’ve really fallen in love. Problem is, it takes far too much effort for me to leave the hill (Capitol Hill that is) and explore elsewhere. However, this week I’ll be in Ballard on an office temp assignment and have decided to take advantage of my longish lunch breaks and play tourist.

Tuesday’s Find:

Enticed by a super-friendly Golden Labrador hanging around the rows of old-school metal sun chairs outside Java Bean, I used my first lunch break to sample some of this cozy cafe’s coffee — after getting covered in dog hair from petting the lab, of course. According to the outgoing barista behind the counter, the Cafe Vienna (a cinnamon infused vanilla latte) and Cafe Mole (the chocolate version of a Cafe Vienna) have been in house specialties since opening 21 years ago.  In attempt to satisfy my sweet tooth, I went for the Cafe Vienna which ended up being super creamy, tasty, and of course, chocolaty. It kind of lost the cinnamon flavor after the first few sips, but the chocolate held on strong. Extra props to Java Bean for having (*gasp*) comfortable sofas too!

(Visit Java Bean @ 5819 24th Avenue Northwest)

By Jessie Beck

SEO and content strategist with a passion for travel, bikes, and food.

7 replies on “Local Lunchtime Discoveries in Ballard, Seattle: Java Bean”

I am a tea person through and through, and try as I might just can’t get into coffee – but when I was in Seattle last August, I made a few special trips to certain coffeeshops because, y’know…I HAD to!
I still remember that cafe nico from Espresso Vivace. It almost made me a believer…but then I found Remedy Teas, and was brought back to the light ;)


Oo! Vivace’s another stellar coffee brand here… but then again, I’ve heard spectacular things about Remedy Teas so maybe I’ll have to step out of the coffee bubble and give it a shot!


Hey Scott, it’s a shame you had to cancel your trip, Seattle is a pretty neat city. I love that Seattleites are generally active, laid-back, and quirky. It has amazing food and music scenes and a large tech industry (Google, Microsoft, and Amazon HQ’s here) that definitely influences its personality. Come visit if you ever get the chance!



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