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A Year of Returning Home from the Peace Corps

What’s it like to return home after the Peace Corps? What does the process of re-integration into American life look like? One RPCV shares. Continue reading

10 Things You’ll Only Do as a PCV in Cameroon

It’s no secret: I haven’t been in Peace Corps for awhile now — but one of the cool things about Peace Corps is that you’re always a part of the larger Peace Corps network! Which is why, I’m happy to present you all with a guest post from a current PCV, Anne Nathanson, who is serving in … Continue reading

You Won’t Save The World as a Peace Corps Volunteer

Before I begin: As an RPCV who loved her service, I’d like to wish you all a happy Peace Corps week. But now, *ahem* for the real reason you came here: that catchy title that I used to lure you in here. You won’t save the world as a Peace Corps Volunteer So, you want … Continue reading

Dear Mailman, Stop Creeping

Dear Impatient Mailman, While I greatly appreciate that you were concerned enough about me getting my postcard to come to my house and deliver it, you chose one of the worst moments to do so. I had literally just stripped down to take a shower when you knocked on my front door, meaning I wasn’t … Continue reading

How Blogging in the Third World is Frustrating Business

Remember when, back in the day, you’d start up your dial-up internet, most likely with AOL, and your computer would make these obnoxious whrrring sounds, a long, high-pitched eeeeee-rrrrrr, and maybe at some point your family would yell at you to get off the internet because they needed to use the phone? Remember how tediously … Continue reading

A Short Lesson in Malagasy You Will Never Use

This past week, Cyclone Felleng passed over the Indian Ocean, bringing wind, rain, and a touch of gloom to the Madagascar highlands (I’m assuming that a wind, rain, and gloom in a larger amount was brought upon the East Coast). Along with the cyclone’s arrival in Madagascar, another Peace Corps volunteer who works in the … Continue reading

How a Peace Corps Volunteer Lives: In Mad Style

I love seeing other Peace Corps houses, usually with a combination of pure curiousity and the selfish need to know whether they have better or worse digs than myself. So, a few months ago, I decided to set out on making a video of my house, knowing that other PCVs (as well as other friends, … Continue reading

The Trail to Pic Boby is Lined With Moonshine

The blisters on my feet made me loathe closed-toe shoes as I inched my way down the rocky moonscape to our second and final campsite, Tsaranomby. How long had it been since I’d worn anything other than flip-flops? Suddenly, from behind me, I heard a voice. “Mora mora e! (Slowly slowly)” an old guide, technically leading … Continue reading

My Peace Corps House is a Middle School

In the late night cover of darkness, I wander out to the naked goal post in the school’s field. The gates are locked up, the lights turned off, and blissfully, all the schoolchildren have gone home. The grounds have become nothing more than a cluster of sealed off, dark and empty buildings. I jump up … Continue reading

Madagascar: Life as an Education Volunteer for the Peace Corps

In the midst of a looming thunderstorm I discovered the pink and purple postcard of a sunset in Seattle. Once the initial excitement of receiving mail (real, actual, physical mail!!) from a friend subsided, I read it. “How do you fill your days?” she asked. Although I joke about the endless hours spent eating peanuts … Continue reading

Living With a Malagasy Family

“Why were your host brothers playing with a plate?” Another trainee asked me. “Because it was a steering wheel, duh,” I said. After a full day of intensive Malagasy immersion, I always feel relieved to understand something as universally obvious as a kid pretending to drive a car. So much about our homestays make us … Continue reading

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